ISO 22000/HACCP – Food Safety

WHAT IS ISO 22000/HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point)?

ISO 22000/HACCP is developed by ISO to deal with the food safety. With the increasing demand of the processed food, and other eatable products, there was a need for an internationally recognized standard that takes care of the Food Safety. Food safety is directly linked to the food borne hazards present in the food at the point of consumption. With the rise of super-markets, hyper-markets, food chain has become lengthy and it has become important to have adequate controls in place so that these types of hazards can be checked at any stage in the food chain.

Keeping in view the risk of toxic infections, some private sector schemes has been developed by some countries just to guarantee the safety of their own-brand products. These schemes are developed from the HACCP method. This shows the capability of HACCP as a Food Safety Standard.

ISO hard worked for three years to publish a universal reference framework for feed safety i.e. ISO 22000 standard in September 2005. ISO 22000 was the result of consensus between 45 countries. ISO 22000 was accepted by the companies without any resistance as it was built based on HACCP procedure and management systems that companies are already familiar with, the new Standard ISO 22000 was not unknown to them. This makes it easy to implement.

ISO 22000 – Benefits

ISO 22000 brings following benefits to the organization implementing this framework –

  • Identification of hazards related to food Safety in a systematic manner
  • Management of hazards related to food safety
  • Concept of Food Safety assurance in food chain
  • Increase in confidence for safety of food and related products in food serving and delivery.

Get ISO 22000 Certified

Following types of Organizations in food chain can apply for ISO 22000 Standard and take benefits of the standard:

  • Food Processing Organization
  • Food Manufacturer Organizations
  • Primary Producers like Agriculture, Aquaculture, Horticulture, Dairy etc.
  • Retailers of Food Products
  • Food Storage facilities providers
  • Food Products transporters
  • Service providers to food establishments like pest management, cleaners etc.
  • Hospitality sectors like Hotels, Catering institutes, Restaurants, Resorts

Please note: ISO 22000/HACCP Certification is provided by the AFNOR Groupe, France.