ISO 20000 – IT Services

ISO/IEC 20000 / BS 15000 – Significance

ISO/IEC 20000 is the first standard for IT Service Management. ISO/IEC 20000 incorporates the principles of ISO 9001 and ITIL Processes and was launched as a single framework for the Information System Management in the organization.

Information Technology Services Management System addresses the information technology needs of customers and help organizations to earn tangible business benefits. ISO/IEC 20000 acts as a Best Practices for Information Technology Services Management.

It comprises of ten sections:

  • Scope
  • Terms & Definitions
  • Planning and Implementing Service Management
  • Requirements for a Management System
  • Planning & Implementing New or Changed Services
  • Service Delivery Processes
  • Relationship Processes
  • Control Processes
  • Resolution Processes
  • Release Process

ISO/IEC 20000 / BS 15000 – Benefits

ISO/IEC 20000 bring following benefits to the organization implementing this framework –

  • Information Technology Services Processes are systematically defined in the organization
  • Quality of the Service delivery remains consistent and an improvement is seen after a period of continuous implementation
  • Better delivery to customers
  • Increase in customer satisfaction in service delivery capability of the organization

Get ISO 20000/IEC 2000/BS 15000 Certified

If you are-

  • Provider of Information technology based services
  • Dependent on information technology based suppliers

Please note: ISO 20000/IEC 2000/BS 15000 Certification is provided by the AFNOR Groupe, France.