CMMI Process Consulting

Our CMMI Consulting – Mantra for your Success

Organizational change in an organization is done for success and sustainability and requires various components like – vision, skills, incentives, resources and action planning. Our Consulting methodology acts in such a manner that we act like and element that catalyze the organizational change process and keeps the success rate very high, in such a manner that organizational change is a reality.  We align all components together so that Organization Change can take place successfully as shown in the following picture. Organizational Change fails in the absence of a single component.

Delhi Quality Services Certification – Effect of missing elements

Effect of missing elements

DQS Certification India Private Limited (a Delhi Quality Services initiative for corporate excellence) provides consulting services in the field of:

  • CMMI Process Model Framework Implementation
  • Process Improvement Strategy
  • Change Management at Organizational level
  • Process Assessment/Appraisals

CMMI Consulting – Delivery Model

CMMI Consulting Life-Cycle Model:

  • Defining and Prioritizing the Organizational Focus
    • Scoping
    • Process Diagnosis
    • Process GAP Analysis
  • Planning and Process Baselining
    • Process Trainings
    • Process Definition
    • Process Refinements
    • Process Interfacing
  • Monitoring of the Performance
    • End User Trainings
    • Process Rollout
    • Process Implementation
    • Implementation Assessments
  • Capability Assessment
    • Validation of Results
    • ROI Analysis
    • SCAMPI Assessments
    • Improvement Planning

Pictorial representation of our CMMI Consulting Lifecycle