Online Publishing of SCAMPI Appraisal Results on SEI Website

Once the SCAMPI Appraisal is completed by our SEI CMMI Authorized Lead Appraiser and SCAMPI results are sent to SEI, SEI publishes all SCAMPI appraisal results online at Published SCAMPI Appraisal Results site (PARS). You can access list of companies on the above link that have completed and reported SCAMPI Class A appraisals against the CMMI model to SEI.

The intended goal and purpose of the CMMI Model and the SCAMPI Appraisal Methodologies is the process improvement in the organization. The result of the CMMI implementation is a measurable increase in the quality of the products, services developed/delivered with a better ability to predict the time and budget needed to perform the development/delivery. Main goal is to increase the organization’s capability to reliably develop products and services in a repeatable fashion with continual improvement.

Click here to view the Published SCAMPI Appraisal on SEI PARS (Published Appraisal) web-site

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