Online CMMI Process Consulting and CMMI Assessment

Note: CMMI® and SCAMPI (SM) are the registered and trademark and service mark of SEI, CMU, USA.

DQS Certification India Private Limited (a Delhi Quality Services initiative for corporate excellence) now offers on-line CMMI Gap Assessment, Process Assessment and on-line CMMI Consulting services.

Cost effective CMMI Assessments and Consulting

In today’s competitive world cost of Assessments and Consulting is getting higher day by day and if we add cost of other overheads like travel, boarding and accommodation it increases further and makes it difficult or restrictive for organizations to avail CMMI Assessment and CMMI Process Consulting. Keeping in mind the requirements of best quality consulting at the minimum possible cost, DQS Certification India Private Limited (a Delhi Quality Services initiative for corporate excellence) has started initiative for Online CMMI Assessment Consulting Delivery service. This new service would contribute towards reducing the cost of the CMMI Implementation in your organization.

CMMI initiatives are for the improvement of the organizational process, standards, projects, products and services. CMMI Initiatives help us to achieve these improvements. Better Service and Product Delivery enhance the customer satisfaction in your organization. General trend is that due to cost implications, CMMI Assignments are delayed or rejected and companies suffer in the long run due to lack of proper consulting. Hence rejection of CMMI Initiatives because of escalating costs is not a very intelligent idea. Online CMMI Consulting Initiative fills the gap between the need of the High Quality CMMI Consulting and the Cost Implications for the same. On one side it allows organizations to kick start the CMMI Initiative and on the other hand it is cost effective.

Online CMMI® Consultants

High Availability of Service at the Right Time & within Budget

During the CMMI Implementation when organization works on CMMI Assessment and Consulting Activity, CMMI Practitioners in the organization require right inputs at the right time and solution of the queries in precise manner and at the earliest possible time. Online Consulting facilitate this and is quite fast as compared to the personal site visits by CMMI Consultants.

DQS Certification India Private Limited (a Delhi Quality Services initiative for corporate excellence) CMMI Consultants with their knowledge and expertise make it possible to support the CMMI and Process Improvement Initiatives in the organizations through on-line support. They extend their supports to accelerate the CMMI and Process Improvements in your Organization.

Online Consulting – Procedure

  1. Visit the Services available Online to view the available Online Consulting Services
  2. Select the Service you would like to buy
  3. Make the payment of the service to be availed by clicking on Add to Cart Button.
  4. Add as many services as you want to the Cart before Checkout.
  5. Once you received the payment Confirmation, you can send us your detailed requirements
  6. Based on the requirements, detailed replies with all support documents would be sent to you.

Online Consulting – Customized Consulting Solutions

Customized Online Consulting Service is also available to suits your specific requirements. Services can be tailored to meet the Consulting Requirements of your organization.

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