DQS Certification India Private Limited launches on-line CMMI Consulting Service

DQS Certification India Private Limited (a Delhi Quality Services initiative for corporate excellence) has initiated its on-line CMMI Gap Assessment, Process Assessment and on-line CMMI Consulting service. Rajendra Khare, Managing Director, DQS Certification India Private Limited  said that it has been observed that the cost of Assessments and Consulting is getting higher. Moreover, the cost of overheads like travel, boarding and accommodation makes it further restrictive for organizations to avail CMMI Assessment and Consulting Activity. Hence online service would contribute towards reducing the cost. Rajendra Khare said that we do hear in our industry experience that the CMMI Initiatives because of cost implications are postponed or rejected.

Ultimately, as we all know, that it is not about CMMI Initiative. It is about good process and good service delivery and product delivery systems in the organization. CMMI Initiatives help us to achieve this. Hence rejection of CMMI Initiatives because of escalating costs is not a very welcome idea. Rajendra Khare concluded that the online CMMI Consulting and Assessment service is a balanced compromise.

The on-line CMMI Consulting service will provide the practitioners of the organization get the right inputs at the right time. The online service would facilitate this in comparison to the model where service is provided through site visits. The online consulting service is available at DQS Certification India Private Limited  Website: www.delqserv.com

DQS Certification India Private Limited with its knowledge expertise in this field would be able to support the CMMI and Process Improvement Initiatives in the organizations through on-line support.